10 Worst Feuds Of John Cena's WWE Career

7. vs. The Great Khali In 2007

WWE built up The Great Khali to be a huge deal from the moment they signed him in 2006. He was booked so strongly that he even beat The Undertaker clean at one point. Since they needed heels for Cena to beat to establish him as the dominant WWE Champion, Khali was brought over to Raw to face Cena. It was the typical Cena feud against a bigger guy where Khali attacked him and the announcers tried to tell the story about how Cena may not be able to beat this guy even though nobody at home really believed it. Their first big match was Judgment Day 2007. The story was that Khali had never given up before, so of course Cena got the win with the STFU submission move. They tried to book Khali as this unbeatable monster, yet the match only went eight minutes because he's so limited. Could you imagine a WWE Title match on PPV booked to be that short in today's WWE? They would be ripped hard for it and deservedly so. A rematch took place at the One Night Stand 2007 PPV. It was a Falls Count Anywhere match that allowed them to do some stuff outside the ring, but it was still the same boring Khali match. Cena got the win after a FU off a crane. Khali ended up going to Smackdown after he was crushed by Cena in their feud. He was never seen as an unstoppable monster again thanks to the way he was booked against Cena.
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