10 WORST Matches From WWE’s Biggest Gimmick Bouts

What were they thinking?

WWE bloody love a gimmick match.

They're not alone - fans like seeing new match types too, especially when they're inventive, fit a certain feud or play into a specific wrestler's strengths. For example, Hell In A Cell was the perfect playground for Mick Foley to bump himself silly back in 1998, and his daredevil antics helped endear the Mankind character to more people than ever before.

A nasty byproduct of Mick's bravery/recklessness (depending on your point of view) was that WWE felt the need to push things more and more afterwards. That, unfortunately, led to a shockingly poor Cell moment less than one year later. It's here on this list along with a regrettable rag-tag bunch of bouts that must be considered the worst in their individual fields.

Everything from Elimination Chamber, Iron Man and Money In The Bank to Royal Rumble, TLC and the little-used Buried Alive gimmick counts. There's even some room for ye olde Survivor Series traditions, and a bit of spotlight for other stips too.

These are the worst matches from WWE's most famous ideas...


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