10 Worst Movies Starring Wrestlers (That You Probably Haven't Seen)

Somehow these movies are even worse than the ones produced by WWE Studios!

Bagwell Day of the Warrior
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Wrestlers haven't exactly been known for their fantastic contributions to the film industry over the years. Hulk Hogan notoriously stunk up the silver screen all throughout the 1990s and has a reputation for being the worst of a bad bunch. But really, aside from the Rock, no wrestler has been able to deliver more than one decent performance in the medium of cinema successfully. It just seems beyond them.

Because wrestlers tend to be such awful movie stars, they don’t exactly get offered the choicest cuts of cinematic meat. When producers can’t find any real actors, and have no money to work with, they'll turn to a wrestler in the vague hope of boosting their film's profile a tiny bit.

This means that movies starring wrestlers tend to be utterly atrocious, not to mention obscure. Even the most die-hard wrestling fans miss a lot of films starring their favourite grapplers, but it's hard to imagine the wrestlers being too upset about that.

We have all seen WWE films, and we all know how bad they can be. But this is a list of some of the truly woeful efforts starring wrestlers, that most fans won't have even heard of, let alone seen.

10. Kurt Angle - End Game (2009)

Bagwell Day of the Warrior
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Kurt Angle has gone through some tough years in the past decade. Plagued by injuries, addiction, and (worst of all) a career in TNA, the Olympic Gold medallist has often looked like a cheap knock-off of the original Kurt Angle that we all knew and loved.

It's appropriate then that he would star in dreck like this, which has thankfully only had an extremely limited release. This terrible dumpster fire of a flick looks and sounds like a cheap knock-off of a real film, as opposed to an actual movie itself.

In End Game, Angle plays a psychotic serial killer who likes to kill women after sex. This, in turn, means that the film is filled to the brim with Kurt Angle orgasm faces and sounds, which will haunt your dreams for weeks after seeing it.

Additionally, the film looks like it was produced on a budget of less than a dollar, and has all the production values of a soft-core porno (more on this genre later). It's only worth checking out if you're the most die-hard of Kurt Angle fans – otherwise, it's probably best to ignore this visual reminder of a dark period in his life.

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