10 Worst No. 30 Entrants In WWE Royal Rumble History

9. Chyna - 1999

Rey Mysterio

At face value, it may look like the company was looking to play the shock value card with Chyna’s emergence as the final entrant in 1999, given that she was the first-ever women to take part in a Royal Rumble match.

But, much like Ziggler, her arrival was a hardly unexpected. On Jan. 11, Chyna had won the Corporate Battle Royal, a match in which the winner would be granted the final spot in the actual Rumble come the Jan. 24 pay-per-view.

So while her appearance was certainly a historic one, once again it lacked the surprise factor that you might expect from a big no. 30 reveal. And though she did manage to eliminate Mark Henry, helping herself to another feather in the cap, she ultimately lasted just 35 seconds before Stone Cold Steve Austin sent her on her way.

Also, as ground-breaking as her involvement was, did anybody really believe that she was a likely contender to win the whole thing outright?


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