10 Worst PPV Endings In WWE History

The biggest anti-climaxes in WWE history.

Last Sunday's Hell in a Cell PPV saw a particularly bizarre ending which has already divided fan opinion. The main event between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose concluded with the appearance of a lantern in the middle of the ring, from which a ghostly figure emerged. This was followed by an interference from Bray Wyatt - perhaps marking another main event push for the cult leader - which allowed Rollins to grab the cheap win. Some saw the ghostly special effects as a compelling part of wrestling's usual spectacle and outlandishness, while others were unable to look beyond the fairly unconvincing holographic image and take it seriously. Many have declared it the poorest Pay Per View ending in years, although when compared with other (more universally panned) main events, it doesn't quite stand up alongside some of the very worst in WWE history. Usually the result of poor booking - although often hindered by shoddy in-ring action as well - disastrous PPV endings can drag even the best of undercards down with them. In the same way a good main event can put an unexpected sheen on a lacklustre show, a stinker at the top of the bill is probably going to sour the memory of an otherwise fantastic Pay Per View. From simple cases of the wrong man going over to horrible convoluted finishes, each of the following PPVs ended on an unquestionable down-note. Some seemed innocuous enough at the time and are now regarded as appalling, while the negative impact of others were felt instantaneously. The range across which such terrible endings can be found is a rather disheartening one. This means the next legendarily bad main event could be right around the corner - an unsettling prospect.
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