10 Worst PPV Endings In WWE History

10. The Rock Vs Triple H - Judgement Day 2000

The WWF seemed to be onto something good in the spring of 2000. Austin was still recovering from neck surgery but The Rock was at the height of his popularity, his main event feud with Triple H really hitting its stride. Unfortunately, they killed a great deal of momentum with this awful misstep at Judgement Day. A sixty minute Iron Man match will always test the patience of the fans, but both men struggled admirably through a difficult situation. The major problem arose, however, as the clock began to tick through its final seconds. With the score tied at 5-5, and The Rock needing only a draw to retain his WWF Championship, an unfamiliar piece of entrance music hit the speakers - Kid Rock's 'American Badass'. Yes, that's right. The Undertaker, d├ębuting his disastrous new biker gimmick after eight months on the shelf, roared to the ring and attacked the various members of Vince McMahon's stable dotted around ringside. After swiftly dealing with Road Dogg, X-Pac, Shane and Vince, he decimated Triple H with a thunderous chokeslam...thereby awarding him a fall by DQ and allowing him to win the match (and the title) with a score of 6-5. He should probably have taken into account the fact that the special guest referee was Shawn Michaels. This finish did nothing for anybody. It killed Taker's big return and made him look like an idiot from the very start, The Rock lost his title and had his momentum slowed, and Triple H was seen as snatching a fluke victory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzCSQR4C-qc
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