10 Worst WCW ‘On A Pole’ Matches

2. Buff Bagwell Vs. Kanyon - New Blood Rising

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Object atop: Judy Bagwell.

"Remenber: later on in this telecast, the match is called Judy Bagwell On A Pole..." Tony Schiavone trailed off as Kanyon's music blared through the PA.

WCW was such a disorganised mess at this point that its play-by-play commentator wasn't even aware of the card order. That said, even Vince Russo anticipated the impracticality of hoisting a grown adult woman on a thin metal pole not strong enough to support a papier-mâché decoration - and thus Buff Bagwell's mother, stalked by Kanyon as a means of psychological torture in the storylines, was instead positioned on a forklift. This was a literal platform on which Mark Madden cracked a succession of unfunny fat jokes.

The match itself wasn't dreadful. The crowd actually responded to the initial arena-wide brawl, Kanyon's second rope Russian leg sweep and swinging neckbreaker - all of which was undermined as the camera continually panned back to the shrieking Judy, revealing the empty, lowbrow stakes behind it all.

In the end, Buff had the stuff to overcome Kanyon - and an interfering David Arquette - to restore his mother's honour, if not her dignity.

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