10 Worst Wrestling Names Ever

1. General Hugh G. Rection


Perhaps unsurprisingly, 'Beaver Cleavage' was a character Vince Russo had a hand in coming up with. The character was reportedly largely the brain child of Vince McMahon, but Russo couldn't claim the same thing when he took the reigns in WCW and came up with one of the worst names to ever grace the business.

Bill DeMott had previously been known as 'Hugh Morrus', which is also a shaky title, but the man must have taken solace in the fact that things couldn't get much worse for him. Sadly, they did, because Vince Russo decided to call him 'Hugh G. Rection' in 1999, and DeMott was instructed to go on television - with a straight face - and say this was his birth name.

Later, DeMott formed the military-themed faction 'Misfits In Action', and became a General, making him General Hugh G. Rection. An obvious penis joke, this was the kind of juvenile humour that was good for a one-off laugh, but nothing more. Telling friends that the WCW United States Champion was called 'Hugh G. Rection' was also cringe-worthy for any wrestling fan.

What other terrible names can you think of that deserve a place on this list? What do you make of the ones listed here? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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