10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of 2014

These guys really didn't deserve this.

The year 2014 is in the books for the WWE, and there are many great things to look back on. There are the best Pay Per Views, the best matches, and the best Superstars of the year. But with the great come the not-so-great, and the gimmicks were a big letdown in the WWE in 2014. For a company to operate in a wrestling world where the curtain has already been peeled back on how things are run, the WWE went back to its 90s days of kayfabe by bringing in some cartoonish gimmicks. Whether they be foreign stereotypes or grown men dressing up in furry outfits, the WWE had some really bad characters. Vince McMahon went on Steve Austin€™s podcast a few weeks ago and said that there needs to be something for everybody on his show. Some of these gimmicks are meant for the kids, but even children might realize how hokey and stupid some of these characters are. A lot of these gimmicks are also meant as comedy relief, but the only problem is that the WWE doesn€™t do comedy very well. Most of the time, they take a promising premise and beat it completely into the ground, and that€™s a theme we will see on this list a few times. So let€™s not belabor the process anymore, and let€™s get this over with. Here are the Top 10 worst gimmicks in the WWE in 2014.
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