10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of 2015

The worst of the worst.

2015 is about to close, and like Christmas, the end-of-year lists creep up earlier and earlier. Still, it€™s never too early to look back fondly (or in this case, embarrassingly) on the year that was in the WWE. Last year, we took a look at the 10 worst gimmicks from 2014. There were some doozies on there, including anything involving Hornswoggle (The Gator, 3 ½ MB and El Torito), the time when Fandango became a Flamenco dancer, The Bunny, and even The New Day! Before you laugh, remember that hindsight is always 20/20, and up until this year€™s Wrestlemania, The New Day was truly an awful gimmick. For 2015, all but one of those gimmicks re-made the list. Another year, another list of awful gimmicks. From bland tag teams to cheap knockoffs, 2015 had a lot of groan-inducing, eye-rolling, intelligence-insulting gimmicks. With the rise of NXT, we have a bigger pool of talent to choose from, as a few NXT superstars and teams have made the list. It may be a bit unfair to include NXT talent on this list, as they€™re still in developmental, but weeding out stupid gimmicks is part of that development process. Remember, to get to a great gimmick like Bray Wyatt you€™re going to have to go through a few Husky Harris€™s.
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