10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of 2015

10. Stardust

Last year€™s #1 worst gimmick returns for the second year in a row, although this time he appears at the bottom of this list. Not much has changed from last year, except for the fact that now Stardust believes he is a super villain, feuding with the likes of Neville and Stephen Amell, who plays the titular character of the CW show Arrow. WWE had an opportunity to drop the Stardust gimmick after Cody Rhodes€™s father, €œThe American Dream€ Dusty Rhodes, passed away earlier this year. If Cody returned under his real name and dropped the Stardust gimmick, similar to what Chavo Guerrero did with Kerwin White after his uncle Eddie passed away 10 years ago, he would have gotten a lot of sympathy babyface heat. And although it€™s in incredibly bad taste to base storylines around real-life deaths, it isn€™t like WWE has shied away from doing it before. The problem with Stardust from last year is still prevalent this year -- Cody Rhodes will never be a main event star as long as he€™s Stardust, and he has main event level capability.
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