10 Worst WWE Mistakes In 2018 (So Far)

10. Not Pulling The Trigger On A Bayley Or Sasha Banks Heel Turn

bayley sasha banks

WWE have set up a "second chance" MITB qualifying match on next week's Raw starring Dana Brooke, Liv Morgan, Mickie James, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

There, a heel turn for either Banks or Bayley could happen. It's not a guarantee, but something has to before fans lose interest in both and their flawed friendship angle permanently. WWE have done such a poor job of the story that Sasha, once one of Raw's top stars, doesn't feel out of place next to Dana Brooke.

Harsh on Brooke? Possibly, although she's always been a lower-tier name. Banks hasn't, and the more her tale of fractured feelings towards Bayley drags on, the less important she feels. The same goes for Bayley; she's in the same sinking ship as Sasha.

By failing to pull the trigger on an interesting plot point that might haul the story into relevance, WWE are making both look silly. Slow burning stories are fine. Ones that linger on without anything meaningful happening aren't.


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