10 Worst WWE Raw Main Events Ever

Big Match John has been involved in some pretty wretched main events over the years...

Michael Cole John Cena

There have been 1,055 episodes of WWE RAW. The flagship show of the world's largest wrestling promotion, RAW has been a fixture on Monday nights since its grand unveiling in January 1993, and what a ride it has been. 27 years of highs, lows and everything that comes in between.

Truth be told, there have been more bad main events than good. This isn't 'bad' in the horrific sense, more in the forgettable one. WWE isn't renowned for its creativity and willingness to change, and many shows have been dragged down by repetitive main events and a sense of nothing mattering.

Others have been dragged down by Diesel vs. Sir Mo.

There have been 1,055 WWE RAW main events, too many to remember, but some pieces of sh*t stick in the mind a little more than others. Where you stand on this list may well depend on how old you are, how well you remember LOL CENA WINZ or how numb you are to the current product. The Attitude Era was full of awful main events, but the hot crowds saved them more often than not. Today? The current roster is not so lucky, but the wrestling itself is almost always better.

These are the dirt worst main events that RAW has produced, show-closers that sucked the life out of an industry, be it through wrestling, story, irrelevance or Vince McMahon's refusal to leave the playground behind.

10. John Cena Vs. David Otunga & John Laurinaitis - 18 June 2012

Michael Cole John Cena

Get ready for a lot of John Cena, although you can't lay the blame entirely at the feet of Big Match John. He just got paired with dolt after dolt after dolt, that's all.

2012 John Laurinaitis wasn't quite the Johnny Ace that made his name in Japan, either. And David Otunga? Well, he was David Otunga. A fine character, not a bad talker, but a tremendously bad wrestler.

Take those three ingredients and smash them together in the middle of 2012 and you are always going to get a somewhat rotten sandwich. Otunga did very little, putting together a plodding controlling sequence before walking out on Laurinaitis, the final nail in the coffin of People Power.

What followed was a few minutes of Cena putting the boots to Johnny, supposedly the cathartic release that the WWE Universe had longed for after months of Laurinaitis abusing his power. This is all fine on paper, but the reality was very different; nobody really wanted to see Cena in this position either. This wretched storyline had pushed the hot feud between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan into the semi-main spot, another log on the fire that eventually saw Punk walk out the door.

The match was terrible, the story was worse, the supposed payoff was a damp squib. Thumbs down, all round.


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