10 Worst WWE Raw Main Events Ever

9. Team Lakers Vs. Team Nuggets - 25 May 2009

Michael Cole John Cena

Way to devalue your own show.

WWE has a real problem when it comes to building new stars, an issue that it doesn't help by having its own performers stare wide-eyed and amazed at the real world around them. Anytime some C-list celebrity makes a cameo appearance on WWE TV, a midcard geek is on hand to gawp in amazement. Your performers should be the stars, Vince.

Oh, and Vince is super petty, obviously.

Those two most terrible characteristics collided in the main event of RAW back on 25 May 2009. The LA Lakers and the Denver Nuggets were embroiled in a Western Conference Finals for the ages (in basketball, supposedly), and Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke was forced to kick WWE out of the team's Pepsi Arena after a scheduling conflict. The Lakers took advantage of the situation and allowed Vince to host RAW at their place. Got it?

All of that should have been largely irrelevant when it comes to the main event of a wrestling show, but real life and schoolyard tongue-sticking combined once more. Vince decided that the main event of his show would feature 10 of his top stars doing battle, the babyfaces in the yellow colours of the Lakers while the heels donned the blue of the nuggets. Of course, the Lakers won the match, as they did the basketball series.

The work in the match is second to the childish nonsense going on backstage, with many of the guys involved putting in dictionary definition half-arsed performances. Such negligence would prove fatal for Mr Kennedy; a botched back suplex dropping Randy Orton where Randy Orton didn't want to be dropped got Kennedy fired as a result.


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