10 Worst WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)

Could've been 100.


This list is going to be a f*cker to write.

It's almost as difficult a challenge as whittling down the 10 Greatest Pro Wrestlers Ever. How much does drawing power matter? Isn't it everything? Isn't that the ultimate objective of all this?

Do you include Jim Londos, a performer who once drew a six-figure house in his home nation of Greece, where he was received as a national hero? Or El Santo, who similarly was a genuine cultural monument? Or does wrestling date in such a strange and accelerated way that their impression on it doesn't warrant inclusion in 2019? Wrestling is different to cinema, for example. Cinephiles receive their art form as something impervious to time. Wrestling fans who recognise Londos are sub-categorised as "historians", as if Londos is an artefact excavated from the site of an ancient temple.

Bret or Shawn? Misawa or Kobashi?

Do you prioritise that time The Revival were framed as eurgh gays in the shower, or that time they scooted across the ring like dogs with worms in their a*se?

N.B. - If you have worms in your brain, and don't wish to read negative content, please be reminded that this list is entitled '10 Worst WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)'. It is not entitled '10 Best WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)'. It is entitled '10 Worst WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)'.


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