10 Worst WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)

10. Dana Brooke's Passionate Promo

Right, so a lot of people enjoyed the passion Dana Brooke showed here, and it wasn't inauthentic.

On Wade Keller's Post RAW show recently, an insider called in to put her over. Nobody has worked harder than her over the past three years, this person said. She trains in the Performance Center on her days off, she arrives early, she helps to set up the ring.

All of this is admirable in itself. Even more so, since she has received so few opportunities to showcase her progression. She got one, in March, and was bantered off the face of the earth for her troubles.

Interrupting Ronda Rousey's "carny con-artists" spiel, Dana said, with a weird twirl, "I'm not gonna let you disrespect the WWE Universe!" She told Rousey that she'd worked her tail off to earn the respect of the women's locker room. She loves WWE, she said. She also said, with the warble of an R&B singer, "Each week on RAW..."

"Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Toni Braxton!"

Subjectively, it was cringeworthy.

Objectively, this essentially killed her off.

All of Dana's hard graft and passion amounted for nothing, because she didn't put up a brave, if unsuccessful fight. Rousey annihilated her to no comeback whatsoever, taking as little time destroying her as WWE did building.


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