10 Worst WWE RAW Moments Of 2019 (So Far)

9. The Viking Experience Debuts

Becky Lynch Stephanie McMahon

Virtually all of Wrestling Twitter entered bemused meltdown mode upon learning that the War Raiders were known now as the Viking Experience, but honestly, it's a wonder Vince didn't ask who the f*ck hired the Highlanders.

"The Viking Experience."

The sort of self-own mastered by WWE at this point, it was as if Vince McMahon needed to make it abundantly clear to his birdbrained public that Erik and Ivar were, in fact, vikings. We're not stupid for calling them the Viking Experience; you are too stupid to ascertain that they are Vikings, even with that daft blonde Scandinavian wig on Erik's head. He could have just called them 'The Vikings', but that just wasn't laughable enough. There wasn't quite enough meme potential in it with which to portray the debuting act as both a joke in itself, and indict an entire process ratings and ticket sales indicate is as broken as EC3's spirit.

How else could WWE convey that the War Raiders invoke the aesthetic of vikings to put them over as warriors?

Maybe the f*cking aesthetic?


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