10 Worst WWE Superstars To Ever Wrestle In The Elimination Chamber

Big Daddy V Was In An Elimination Chamber Match?!

Carlito Elimination Chamber

With the WWE's recent announcement of the addition of an extra Pay-Per-View event to their schedule, it was obvious that the company was aiming to sweeten the pot for WWE Network subscribers who had signed up during May, free of charge.

Therefore, on Sunday 31st May, subscribers will be treated to a Network-exclusive Elimination Chamber PPV, which when coupled with the NXT: Takeover event this Wednesday, helps make the Network an enticing proposition for 9.99 per month.

The Chamber has always been the brutal and sadistic structure in which the World Championship was defended, or has been used as a method for superstars to qualify for World Title matches. This years event, however, will be a night of firsts: the first time the Intercontinental Championship and also the Tag Team Championships have ever been defended inside the Chamber.

Over the years, the WWE has worked very hard to give the impression that the match is reserved for only the most elite performers. It makes sense then that the list of competitors include the legendary likes of John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker and Edge.

However, given that the match has to involve six superstars, and the PPV tends to include two matches on the same night, there have been a number of less celebrated wrestlers granted the opportunity to do battle inside its walls. 

In fact, there have been plenty of dubious superstars to have competed inside the Chamber, and these are the 10 worst.

10. Carlito (New Years Revolution 2006)

Carlito Elimination Chamber

The list begins with a few superstars who are not bad wrestlers, per se, but simply ones who never rose to the hallowed heights of main event status and therefore seem out of place whenever thought of competing inside the demonic structure.

Carlito is a perfect example. Debuting on the main roster in October 2004, he seemingly had all the tools to become a major player in WWE. He won the United States Championship in his very first match (defeating John Cena, no less) and became very popular with the WWE Universe for his 'Carribean cool' demeanour and easy charisma. He was then drafted to the Raw brand in 2005, defeating Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship in his first match on that brand.

It's obvious that WWE saw big things in Carlito's future, so in 2006, his inclusion in the Elimination Chamber match against the likes of Cena, Shawn Michaels, Kane and Kurt Angle didn't seem so suspect. WWE even booked Carlito to eliminate Michaels from the match, take part in eliminating Kane and get down to the final two against Cena! He also eliminated the sixth competitor, who won't be named now, as he will make an appearance later on this list.

So why did Carlito never solidify his status as a top-tier player in WWE? Through a combination of his out-spoken criticism of WWE's backstage politics, dissatisfaction with the booking of his character and a general reputation for being unmotivated, Carlito was released in 2010 for a violation of WWE's Wellness Policy.


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