10 Worst WWE WrestleMania Opening Matches Ever

Kicking off 'Mania can be the kiss of death...

Allied Powers WWF

The general idea behind any opening match on pay-per-view is that it sets the tone for the rest of the card and gets fans excited to see more. Sounds simple, right? That's even more true when it comes to WrestleMania. On the biggest show of WWE's entire year, giving people bang for their buck straight away is essential.

Bret vs. Owen from 'Mania X, the gripping Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H classic at 'Mania XXX and those thrill-a-minute Money in the Bank spotfests spring instantly to mind as openers that had people hooked from the off, and there's no excuse why this can't happen annually.

Sadly, a quick look at WrestleMania history says it doesn't.

WWE know what works in the opening slot (look at the matches above for proof they can get it right), so it's confusing they've often just sent a random match out without any respect for fan excitement instead. After those pricey fireworks displays and all the hype, jerking the curtain can be the kiss of death...


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