10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2015

No wonder Vince McMahon was a bit scared to create new stars this year...

How many 'worst of' lists could we churn out this year? 2015 has been an unadulterated failure for WWE in terms of television ratings, injuries to top stars and the quality of content we've had to sit through. Saying that, Vince McMahon et al will have undoubtedly raked in the mega bucks this year so they won't be as concerned about the drop in, well, everything else, as their adoring Universe is. Another huge failure on WWE's part has been the handling of their dwindling roster. Simply put, there isn't too much in the way of bonafide stars - nor the willingness to create a plethora of new ones - meaning that the company's creative team have been forced to recall a number of veterans for a cheap pop here and there. It seems the powers that be don't know what they have in their reserves like us fans do, meaning that a number of superstars have been made to look like absolute Jabronis over the last twelve months. This hasn't been the guys' fault, there's little doubting that they want better for both themselves and the company - no matter what Vince McMahon might say about brass rings and the amount of people vying for them. Then again, some of the entries on the following list of the worst wrestlers from 2015 have been absolutely horrible this year...

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