10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2015

10. The Ascension

What an utterly pointless ascension to the main roster these fellas have endured. After becoming the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in NXT history with a run of 364 days, their promotion seemed to be a pivotal one in WWE and what was, at the time, a floundering tag team division. However, in next to no time, the pair of Konnor and Viktor were jobbing to old timers. Way to create new stars, Vince! About a month after making their debut on the December 29th edition of RAW, they were being manhandled by the likes of the nWo, New Age Outlaws and APA in front of the world. Granted, they would defeat Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at this year's Royal Rumble, but they weren't exactly made to look 'strong' in the process. As well as their booking being poor, their in-ring work has been less than inspiring. Konnor is arguably the worst male worker on the main roster, while Viktor does nothing to get you out of your seat. The Ascension have a lot of work to do in the new year to convince the powers that be they are a team they should get behind. If they don't, you can't help but feel they'll both end up future endeavoured.
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