10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2019

Best pro wrestling on the planet. Period.


The criteria is important to consider because of course Seth Rollins is a better wrestler than No Way Jose.

No Way Jose functions as a mildly amusing opening house show attraction, or a bag of meat to pummel for heat during his scant appearances on television. His goofy music is engineered for crowd interaction. The buzzed adults do his dance bit half-ironically, the children do it earnestly, and with any luck, together, they gradually become unglued and more receptive to the real business later in the show. He is serviceable enough in his particular role. It isn't his job to, for example, convince spoiled professional wrestling fans that WWE is in fact the "vest pro wrestling on the planet, period" by wrestling the best pro wrestling matches on the planet, period and not doing about nine Curb Stomps in the same f*cking match.

There is a relativity to consider here.

The Colóns haven't featured anywhere near enough to warrant consideration. R-Truth does more roll-ups than a Diva circum 2011, but it's his job to pop the crowd via the broadest, daftest means. Dana Brooke really only gets Batista's blood pumping, but she's a grafter.

Worst = at their given role...


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