10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2019

10. Billie Kay


Billie Kay isn't meant to be a world-beater.

Her character is that of a complete chancer who only sniffs success through her symbiotic partnership with Peyton Royce. She is a comedy character, the premise of which is an out-of-her-depth fool who rewards crowds with an intentionally bad performance for catharsis.

The problem is that she's as bad by accident as she is on purpose. There's no sense that she flails around the ring with bad-on-purpose timing to get this character over. She just can't wrestle particularly well, which undermines everything, because as divisive as it is, there's a certain, impressive art to the comedy match. In theory, the amount of time it takes Kay to bump is amusing - the goofball who doesn't even know how to get her ass kicked is absurd enough to work - but this isn't what she's going for. She just takes forever, disengaging the crowd and disrupting the flow of her matches, by bumping like an old tree in short sideshow attractions.

Kay is a far better personality than wrestler. Her irate tantrums are perfect for the meme GIF sphere, and she grafts like mad on the WWE.com Exclusive circuit.

She's just too poor to be poor.


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