10 Wresters Who Will NEVER Work For WWE Again (And Why)

9. Gail Kim

The IInspiration

Perhaps the only real blotch on an otherwise stellar career within the pro wrasslin' industry for the undeniable Gail Kim came in the form of her time with the global leader.

Attempting twice to make an impact (pun intended) in Vinnie Mac's empire, both stints brought with them a whole host of what could have beens for the former Knockouts Champion and all-round IMPACT legend. Not even winning the Women's title on her first night on the job could save Kim from ultimately being mishandled and fumbled. And her return from 2008 onwards only proved to be more fatal in confirming that she had no place in late-noughties WWE.

A bitter end, choosing to eliminate herself within the first minute of a battle royal as one final middle finger to those deciding her fate, and a messy departure eventually all-but guaranteed Kim's now-firm stance on keeping away from the company.

Even when WWE appeared to be assembling the most stacked women's-only card of modern times, Kim refused to play ball, claiming that she was "happy for the women in the company but if I ever made. Return, it would only be for IMPACT Wrestling".

And sure enough, Kim's only return to date went down at Rebellion 2019 against Tessa Blanchard.


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