10 Wrestler Allegiances That Must Happen In 2016

It's time to shake things up...

Throughout the history of this great sport of ours, wrestling has been driven by allegiance and conflict. Wrestlers find fellow workers with common interests and pursue a goal or they band together to dispatch a rival that both of them despise. In many cases, this serves to drive storylines and create motivations for the wrestler's actions moving forward. When alliances change, they can move a wrestler from babyface to heel and vice-versa, creating new and exciting opportunities for conflict. WWE used to thrive on alliances but nowadays seem to have moved away from that line of thinking and now keep characters the same until long past their expiration date. So, in the interest of shaking things up and keeping things interesting (and due to the fact that wrestling might be at its lowest point ever), it seems as though things need to change. As long as alliances make sense within the so-called "WWE Universe" then fans will accept them. Characters to act as they would if they were real people and common characters need to bond over common goals. So let's take a look at some wrestlers who would fit together perfectly.

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