10 Wrestler Deaths WWE Didn't Acknowledge

Way too many of them died under 40.

The death of a wrestler is always a tragic occurrence, a shocking and often unexpected jab of reality. The WWE often pay tribute to the passing of their former stars, but on a few occasions, there's been times they failed to acknowledge a wrestler ever died. Whereas some departed talent get a special tribute on Raw, others must make do with a few lines on WWE.com, or in some cases no mention at all. It must be a bizarre decision to make, who deserves what tribute and who doesn't, and at times there's been big name stars who never got so much as a mention on WWE's flagship programme. It's well documented that being a pro wrestler is linked with early mortality rates, the physical strains of a life in the ring sometimes leading to terrible pain problems. There was also a tradition in the business for steroid abuse, a blind desire to have the biggest body. Some wrestlers of the past generation just couldn't take the strains they were putting in and on their body, resulting in way too many deaths under the age of 40. WWE has led the way in cleaning and informing the locker room, it's a different world now, but for much of the last ten years we had an environment in which a former wrestler seemed to die every six months or so. It got to the point where WWE must have been either too embarrassed or simply didn't care to mention every passing. Let's take a look at 10 wrestling deaths WWE failed to acknowledge...
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