10 Wrestler Names That Ribbed Other Wrestlers

Nothing says "I don't like you" quite like ruining another guy's entire career just to spite 'em.

Pranks and inside jokes are part of the wrestling business. Known as ribs in Wrestling argot, these pranks have consisted of everything from putting padlocks on wrestlers' gym bags (making them weigh more) to befouling Jerry "The King" Lawler's crown by using it as a toilet.

Pranks are one thing, but sometimes, it's taken to another level. Sometimes, they tarnish a wrestler's entire persona. Naming a wrestler or character on your program after another wrestler or personality is a fairly blatant way to call them out, either through direct mockery or idiocy by association.

Now, we're not talking about HHH dressing up like Vince McMahon and growling his way through promos. That was a segment about WWE characters within a WWE context. For the most part, these mockeries involve people outside the company, often in rival promotions, and although the entire concept is silly, there's no doubt that it's practically wrestling tradition at this point. What's more amazing is that wrestlers with no beef with the party in question are often the ones saddled with these goofy, derivative gimmicks, just to give somebody backstage their jollies.

Inside jokes in the public eye are rarely a good thing, and in these cases, they're mostly totally baffling.

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