10 Wrestler Names That Ribbed Other Wrestlers

10. Oklahoma And Davy Meltzer


No, Dave Meltzer and Jim Ross didn't make their names as wrestlers. But there's no denying that both of them have made a mark in the wrestling business, and both of them were disrespected with halfwit mockeries in the past.

In WCW, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara masterminded the Oklahoma character, who mocked JR's Bell's Palsy-affected speech and appearance, as well as his cowboy hat, his announcing style, and anything else those two reprobates could come up with.

It's one of the few things Vince Russo has actually apologized for over the years. But it's still stupid and shameful and downright embarrassing.

As for the man behind The Wrestling Observer, he raised the ire of Mr. Electricity himself, Herb Abrams (the, ahem, jazzed-up founder of the UWF), a man who didn't appreciate Meltzer's criticism of his promotion. So he responded by naming a jobber after Meltzer and beating him on practically every episode of Fury Hour.

That is world-class pettiness, which is the benchmark you need to limbo under to make this list.

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