10 Wrestlers Buried By Triple H

Triple H doesn't always do what's 'best for business'.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has said for over thirty years that if there's something people want to see that is best for business, then he'll put his ego aside and give them what they want. Unfortunately, Triple H doesn't always practice what his father-in-law preaches. It's no secret that you need to have a gigantic ego to be successful in professional wrestling, and Triple H certainly has that. He has also let it get in the way of doing what's right for business far too often. There have been times when Triple H knew he couldn't get away with a nonsensical win, such as at WrestleMania 30. He wouldn't have been able to justify a win over Daniel Bryan in the opening match and another in the show's main-event. But, if he can get away with it he has no problem making an up-and-coming guy look like a complete geek. Triple H is expected to lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 this April. However, would anyone be surprised if he decided to hold onto the title, even though it would make absolutely no sense? It Reigns does end up on the receiving end of a Pedigree and a three-count at WrestleMania 32 it won't be the first time the 'King of Kings' has put an end to a rising star's momentum for seemingly no reason. Don't believe me? Well, the following ten examples will help change that.
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