10 Wrestlers Punished In-Ring For Their Behaviour

As if the bumps weren’t pain enough.

Even at the best and most reasonable of times, professional wrestling is an exceptionally dangerous craft. Injuries, sadly, happen all the time and for all manner of reasons. The slightest of miscommunications can lead to a mistimed kick cracking some ribs, a forearm clocking (and breaking) a nose and countless other ailments varying in severity. Accidents happen, apologies are issued and forgiveness is granted.

Sometimes, however, the real pain inflicted is deliberate. Punishment between the ropes happens a lot more than many wrestlers and fans will care to admit. Bad backstage behaviour, mean-spirited hazing and personal beefs are three of the most common causes. For wrestlers who work recklessly, a receipt is all but guaranteed from their disgruntled opponents. Whatever the reason, the punishments are off-script disasters occurring in front of live crowds and TV audiences.

Given that the whole point of professional wrestling is to keep it looking as real as possible (preferably without hurting your opponent), it can be hard to initially spot the difference when watching. Thanks to the endless shoot interviews over the years, however, we fans have frequently got the juicy gossip on violent moments that were not supposed to happen. Here are 10 wrestlers who suffered severe in-ring punishment for their transgressions.


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