10 Wrestlers That Bombed Twice

9. Jinder Mahal

Ultimate Warrior WWF 1996 WCW 1998

Whether it was at the side of the Great Khali, against the Great Khali, feuding with Ryback, or as part of 3MB, Jinder Mahal's first WWE run - which started in 2011 - got progressively worse before the performer was released from his contract in mid-2014.

Of course, Jinder's return to the company two years later famously (or should that be infamously?) led to him defeating Randy Orton at Backlash 2017 to become WWE Champion.

One cannot argue the incredible shape Mahal got himself into by the time of that return, but even the biggest of Jinder fans would surely find it tough to claim the Modern-Day Maharaja's run as WWE Champion was anything but a complete failure.

Across a painful 170-day reign, Jinder made the WWE Title picture into must-miss TV. His long, monotonous promos were nauseating, his matches - including PPV bouts against Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura - were glacial in pace, and his presence at the top of the WWE tree saw SmackDown's viewership tumble.

Sure, Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion was arguably a worthwhile experiment when taking into account WWE's desire to breach the Indian market. That experiment should've been cut off at the knees way, way earlier than it ultimately was, with AJ Styles thankfully, eventually bringing Mahal's WWE Title run to a halt at a November 2017 episode of SmackDown.


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