10 Wrestlers Too Big To Fail (That Failed Anyway)

In the immortal words of Lenny Kravitz: it ain’t over till it’s over.

There are two scenarios where a wrestling promotion will give someone the huge, dramatic push out of nowhere: when they’re building a potential new star, and when they’re bringing in a new star from outside of the company.

That’s when you get the God-push - that sudden, dramatic shove to the top of the pyramid, displacing whoever’s already there on the way. That spot’s yours now. No one can lose it except you.

The thing is, that’s not necessarily the case: because a dozen other things can get in the way of a wrestler’s personal ambition and drive to make it to the top. Outside circumstances outside of their control, personality clashes, office politics, silly mistakes that get blown out of all proportion - the list goes on.

So what happened to those wrestlers everyone thought were set for stardom, that got the big push - and then failed anyway? This isn’t about the performers who the company buried, or never really got behind to begin with, but rather the pro wrestlers that everyone thought were too big, too much of a sure thing to fail.

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