10 Wrestlers Triple H Couldn't Get Over

It was game over for these men.

triple h great khali

Triple H is not exactly the most selfless man in the history of the wrestling business. That much is pretty widely acknowledged. But the man has been pretty giving when it has come time to do some key jobs throughout his career. Being in a program with him usually has made his opponent feel like a bigger deal, even if they didn't go over on him.

For a period of time (from the the late ‘90s to early 2000s), he was the best heel in the business, and was delivering great matches on a weekly basis. Much like his longtime friend Ric Flair, he knew how to take quite the bump, and would make his opponent look like gold. It seemed he could work with anyone, as he helped bring the careers of quite a few wrestlers to new levels like Chris Jericho, The Rock, Batista, Kurt Angle and even (quite briefly) Taka Michinoku!

However, Hunter doesn’t quite have the golden touch. As good as he’s been as a face and a heel, he just didn’t gel with some wrestlers, especially as his career dragged on. While he was still a big star in the eyes of the fans, some opponents didn’t get a rub from working a program with him, no matter how hard he tried.

From green monsters, to promising rookies, here are 10 wrestlers that Triple H just couldn’t get over.


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