10 Wrestlers We’d Love To See In The NWA

Strowman, EC3, Chris Hero - Who else do fans want to see in the National Wrestling Alliance?!

Braun Strowman 2020

There are many surprising things to have come out of wrestling in the last five years. The emergence of a rival company to WWE, the retirement of The Undertaker, the slow death of ROH, all of these and more have been big changes in the wrestling world. Still, one that surprised everyone was the revival of the National Wrestling Alliance.

This governing body over the old territory system seemed long dead. While it still had a footing in the industry, it didn't hold much power (pun intended) - that was until Billy Corgan bought the company in 2017 and turned it into a promotion.

No one knew what to make of this at first, but it became a big success, as the new show had some tremendous nostalgic ties, a great face in Nick Aldis and gave an incredible new platform for young and older wrestlers to ply their trade. It's been a big success, and fans are always looking forward to who might step into it.

The following ten superstars are ones who could make a big splash in NWA. Although the likelihood isn't certain, there's no doubt they'd put on some great matches and blend with the company well.

10. Ethan Carter III

Braun Strowman 2020

There was a time when EC3 was such a hot prospect in the wrestling world, as his run with Impact had garnered great acclaim and he'd established an excellent reputation for himself on the indies. So, when he finally made his way back to WWE under the new persona (having previously been Derrick Bateman), things seemed promising. Then, like a tale as old as time, he was lost in the shuffle and eventually released.

Ethan Carter the Third hasn't been resting on his haunches, though, as he soon returned to Impact and started taking indie dates, working for ROH and Black Label Pro. He's even made drastic changes to his character, going down a far darker and more sinister root, and one place fans would love to see him tackle is NWA.

Carter has a great sense of stoutness in his in-ring ability, as he blends classic wrestling ideals with some interesting modern tinges. This makes his time in the squared circle feel like a blend of old and new school wrestling, a perfect match for the company. Plus, thanks to his star power, he'd be able to rise to the top of the card quickly.

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