10 Wrestlers Who Are In The Wrong Company



It is easier to make serious money in American wrestling than it has been for years, since the formation of All Elite Wrestling - but because of AEW, it has never been harder to get out of a multi-year deal.

WWE has placed a ban on releasing talent, irrespective of how unhappy that talent is (Harper), nor how little WWE values that talent (Harper). Co-President George Barrios is on record as stating that WWE independent contractors are free to leave whenever they wish; at the 20th Annual Needham Growth Conference in 2018, he claimed "they're under agreement, but both parties could terminate them in pretty short order. So, we're not trying to lock anyone up," which is strange, because WWE f*cking is locking everybody up by refusing to grant release requests (Harper) and adding extra months to their deal by tacking on time missed due to injury (Harper).

WWE is essentially that scene in the Simpsons episode the 'Joy of Sect'. You're free to leave whenever you want, a solemn voice intones, but would you mind telling us why?

"I can't do a southern accent, even though you hate southern accents. (Harper)"

"Tough t*tties."

But, in a perfect world...


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