10 Wrestlers Who Are Perfect Additions For Current Factions

9. Bret Hart - FTR

The Bloodline Solo Sikoa
Twitter, @DaxFTR

Sometimes adding a new member to an existing faction is about maximizing the talents of everyone involved to guarantee the group's success. Other times, it is simply about giving everyone, the fans as well as the wrestlers involved, exactly what they want. Ever since FTR has fired Tully Blanchard as their manager, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have been openly campaigning to bring in Bret Hart as their new lead, and while there may be a new hurdle in the way, this is a pairing that needs to happen.

After all their public comments about Bret, any potential pairing between the three men may need to be put on hold as rumors suggest Hart may have signed a new Legends deal with WWE. While that news may throw a wrench into FTR's plans, the wrestling business has taught fans one thing, and that is to never say never. On top of the reports of the former WWE Champion re-signing with Vince McMahon's company, there are also rumors that FTR is back on WWE's radar for a possible return.

While the way The Revival were treated on their way out of the company might make their coming back to WWE a long shot, having Bret Hart there as a potential manager can only sweeten the deal. Whether it be in WWE, AEW, or anywhere in the wrestling world, pairing Bret Hart with Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler makes all the sense in the world.


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