10 Wrestlers Who Are Totally Straight Edge

10. Matt Cross

Matt Cross Lucha Underground
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Matt Cross (also referred to as M-Dogg 20 and Son of Havoc) is an applauded legend on the independent wrestling circuit. Cross, with his unbelievable high-flying moveset, has worked at his craft for twenty years now. A star in Ring Of Honor, Lucha Underground and Chikara, he defines himself as straight-edge, hence ‘Cross’ - a symbol associated with the straight edge lifestyle. It must be good for the body given Cross comes across as an absolutely jacked lumberjack.

Drugs and alcohol never appealed to Cross. He grew a love for punk when growing up and while people he knew were partying he was connecting closely with the overall message of straight edge, saying:

“When I was at these parties and said, ‘I don’t feel like drinking,’ someone told me about straight edge. ‘Oh, you’re straight edge’. It wasn’t a set of rules that I moulded my life to fit, they were things I already believed with a movement running parallel.”

Not that he judges anyone who does drink. He became friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin after appearing on the 5th season of Tough Enough which Austin hosted. Steve called him after the series ended which Matt didn’t expect and was very encouraging, offering his help and advice and they’re still in touch to this day. Matt’s said anytime he’s called Steve he’s answered, with Matt having an open platform to pick his brain.

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