10 Wrestlers Who Are Totally Straight Edge

9. Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara has been on the wrestling scene since he was 19, gaining a reputation for his athleticism like the 630 splash and shooting star press. His charisma, natural heel aura and strange fascination with pandas have made him a name in pro wrestling. The Spanish God Guevara is now must-see on AEW along with The Inner Circle, taking sick bumps and casually getting run over by golf carts.

Sammy revealed on his YouTube channel that seeing friends/family partying with drugs and alcohol and the negative way it affected them went a long way towards why he’s straight edge now. His experiences drove him away from ever doing that, though he doesn’t hold anything against anyone who does (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone).

His straight edgeness is evident if you look at some segments on AEW. Chris Jericho, a known liquor lover (he is a rock star), has sprayed champagne/”A little bit of the bubbly" around the ring when celebrating on numerous segments. You'll notice Sammy doesn’t drink the bubbly when The Inner Circle guzzle mouthfuls of it.

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