10 Wrestlers Who Became Involved In Politics

Would you vote for this man?

Rick Steiner

As strange as it is to think about, professional wrestling and the murky, murky world of politics aren't a million miles away from each other. On the one hand we have a world of lying, backstabbing, of charismatic individuals rising to the top and trampling over opponents by any means necessary along the way. On the other hand, we have professional wrestling.

So such an opening gambit is the norm when it comes to talking about professional wrestling and politics, but such an opening gambit is more than justified. Despite being British (well, Welsh) and living in Serbia I am unable to avoid hearing about the build up to the US Elections and the rise of Donald Trump, who seems to be hurtling to wards the Republican candidacy in the most pro wrestling of manners possible.

But what of movements in the opposite direction? What happens when professional wrestlers decide to get involved in politics? It happens more often than you think. Glenn Jacobs, better known to us as the Devil's Favourite Corporate Demon Kane, has recently expressed a desire to move into politics in a few years time. We shouldn't be surprised by this; Jacobs has long been a keen commentator on all things politics.

Who will the Big Red Machine be looking to for advice and reference if he does run for office? Here are 10 other wrestlers who became seriously involved in politics.

10. Rhyno

Rhyno Rhino Wwe

I'll start with another story for 2016, and one that was deemed far more surprising than any noise Kane would make about moving into politics. Earlier this year Rhyno announced that he was going to be running for the Michigan House of Representatives, hoping for the 15th district seat which includes his hometown of Dearborn.

Rhyno, real name Terrance Gerin, has confirmed that he will be running as a Republican and is doing so with the support of Vince McMahon, for whatever that is worth. Gerin is running on a platform of improving teacher's salaries, sorting out the roads of Dearborn, more government accountability with tax dollars and better standards of Gore-ing everywhere.

I'd vote for him on suit and bow-tie aesthetic alone.

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