10 Wrestlers Who Became Losers In ONE Second

It takes an age to create a Superstar wrestler, but only ONE second to produce a loser.

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Regardless of WWE's apparent inability to do so at this current moment in time, the long-term future of a wrestling promotion largely depends on the company's ability to forge new eye-catching stars that can ultimately go on to become household names to match the likes of The Rock, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, John Cena, and Roman Reigns before them.

It's not as though Vinnie Mac's Sports Entertainment in particular have always been entirely dreadful when it comes to the art of creating the next big thing; they literally made Brock Lesnar exactly that upon battering The Rock at SummerSlam 2002.

However, history has shown us time and time again that the likes of WWE and even more recently adored promotions like AEW have had an unfortunate habit of squandering goodwill sent towards a popular wrestler in a frighteningly short space of time.

In the case of these unfortunate folk, just ONE second, in fact!

From hilariously quick squashes killing off any potential as an in-ring force to be reckoned with, to over-the-hill veterans hammering the nail in promising sensation's coffins, these wrestlers all had their momentum substantially derailed in next to no time at all...

10. Zack Ryder (WWE Raw, February 13th, 2012)

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In what now feels like a bizarre alternate reality after taking in the Matt Cardona currently terrorising the independent scene, a once-career-making, dream spell whilst signed to Vince McMahon's massive organisation quickly devolved into nightmare territory for The Long Island Iced Z.

Dumped into a romantic angle with Eve Torres on the back of a crowd-popping US Championship victory, Zack Ryder would then be repeatedly battered by a re-masked Kane en-route to a now-infamous spell whilst locked into a wheelchair.

This would all lead to one of the most humiliating beats to be unleashed upon a fan-favourite in quite some time as apparent pal John Cena locked lips with Eve upon saving her from The Big Red Machine's ambulance ambush. Sure enough, as the camera panned to the right, there was a helpless Ryder - chocolates and roses in lap for Valentine's Day, no less - with Vinnie Mac no doubt howling in gorilla as the embarrassing angle all-but sentenced the once-over sensation to permanent mid-card purgatory.

While the subsequent wheeling off the stage at the hands of Kane and smacking in the balls at the boot of Eve at 'Mania XXVIII both sit as further nails in Ryder's respectable singles star coffin, it all started with a kiss.

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