10 Wrestlers Who Became Successful Bookers

The best write their own success.


Since spiting WWE with his fabled Twitter list, Cody has turned his turned his career towards selling a different dream.

The American Dream.

By some sort of sorcery, the 'son of the son of a plumber' was able to make at least 10,000 people believe that in 2018, the NWA title was somehow relevant. The NWA title which at the time, rested around the waist of Nick Aldis.

The whole purpose of this act of resurrection wasn't to instigate a golden revival for the 10lbs of gold - Cody ditched the title shortly after, passing the burden back over to his beaten champion. The point had been the moment itself: to follow in the footsteps of his father's star-spangled boots.

The same personal motivations inform Cody's role within AEW. His legendary father held the pen as Vince McMahon gradually ground down the NWA, before forcing him into polka dots as punishment for his professional impertinence. Alongside The Bucks, his son has the opportunity to legitimately turn the tables on McMahon's hegemony. There's more to this than making money.

Heritage is on Cody's side in making the transition from ring to office, but he needn't rely on the example of his father alone as inspiration. Some of the best ever bookers - as is eminently logical - learned their craft at the coalface.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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