10 Wrestlers Who Committed Disturbing Crimes

You better watch out boy or you'll be serving hard time.


Professional wrestling has long been the chosen occupation of many a morally bankrupt malefactor.

WWE's own venerable Hall of Fame accommodates a litany of lawbreakers, including, but not limited to: pimps, spousal abusers, rapists and murderers.

As within any profession, profit trumps probity and those wrestlers who have proven to be a financially beneficial to a promoter have typically managed to avoid the full brunt of the law.

Others, whose future endeavours were less of a concern, have paid the full price for their transgressions, confining their own careers to infamy - and their lives to a 6 by 8 feet cell.

From sex traffickers to predatory paedophiles, gangland bombers to depraved-heart killers, the list of offences that can be attributed to some of these Monday night miscreants wouldn't be out of place on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Here's a (Benoit-less) rogues gallery of ten wrestling wrongdoers who were real life heels.


10. Dick Slater - Stabbing His Girlfriend


'Dirty' Dick Slater had a storied career in the southern territories throughout the 1970s and '80s.

Coming to prominence in Florida Championship Wrestling, Slater went on to become a headline star in Georgia Championship Wrestling and a contender for the NWA championship.

Competing for both Mid-Atlantic and Mid-South wrestling during the mid-'80s, Slater concurrently worked as a booker, holding the pencil at one time or another for Bill Watts, Joe Blanchard and Paul Boesch.

An NWA Television and United States champion, Slater chartered a course through the WWF, AWA and AJPW in the late-'80s before winding down his career in WCW in the early-'90s as part of the Stud Stable.

However, in December 2003 Slater was back on TV, when it was reported that he had stabbed his girlfriend with a butcher's knife.

Slater attempted to reason with authorities that he couldn't recall what had occurred, stating only that his actions must have been the result of the morphine and oxycontin he was taking for numerous back injuries.

Apparently Slater was still a capable worker, as he avoided jail time and was sentenced to only a year of house arrest and two years probation, in addition to paying restitution to his ex-girlfriend.

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