10 Wrestlers Who Competed In Matches In Their 70s And Beyond

These golden oldies proved that they could still hang, even in the twilight of their years.

To quote SpongeBob SquarePants - "Old People Are Our Greatest Natural Resource".

Yes, they might not be able to drive as well as they used to. Yes, they use words that aren't OK. But old people are, on the whole, pretty great.

Especially when they can step between the ropes of a wrestling ring.

For decades, wrestling companies have relied on the shock factor of older performers still being able to go to pop a rating or draw money.

The chant "You Still Got It" is popular for a reason, as fans love to see that their heroes from yesteryear can still hang with the current crop.

Sometimes this is taken to an extreme and wrestlers who are seemingly far too old to step back in the ring surprise everyone by putting on a match.

The following ten wrestlers were all into at least their seventies when they competed in their final or most recent matches. Some of them were able to win against much younger opponents and a few even captured championships at their ripe old age.

Please enjoy these ten old-timers who just didn't know when to quit, but maybe keep this list away from Grandma.

She might get ideas.

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