10 Wrestlers Who Could Retire John Cena In 2022

Never say Never Give Up.

John Cena WALTER

John Cena has just completed one of his least active years in WWE, and is firmly planted on the Dwayne Johnson highway, with a successful acting career now taking up the majority of his time. This is John Cena, though, a man who bleeds WWE and has been their biggest star for a huge portion of his 20-year tenure.

As such, it’s hard to imagine him hanging up his boots, sweatbands, little towel thing and other assorted merchandise without a formal retirement match. It’s something WWE have hopefully given some serious consideration, because the final match of a star as gigantic as Cena is an enormous deal.

The spot could be given to a foe of old, one of his legendary rivals. It could be used to give the last major push to one of the current crop on the cusp of greatness. Or it could allow one of the new wave of stars to introduce themselves to the world in the most impactful manner conceivable.

You only get one chance to have a final match (although in pro wrestling this often isn’t so), and Cena’s is about as big a retirement as it’s possible to imagine. Please get this one right, lads.

10. Bobby Lashley

John Cena WALTER

After enjoying a stellar run for most of 2021, The Almighty dropped off slightly towards the end of the year following losing his title to Big E. The veteran does finally feel like a genuine A-lister, though, and his staredown with Brock Lesnar at the end of Day 1 suggests WWE believes they still have a serious player here.

He needs his killer aura back, basically, and there’s no better way of accomplishing this than having Lashley be the one to snuff out John Cena. The two are a study in contrasts: Cena the uber-charismatic promo machine to whom success came so easily; Lashley the silent but deadly legit fighter who took a longer road to the top.

In ring, though, they’re somewhat more similar, with a focus on a power game and a fundamentally WWE style. Lashley has been on a tear of late, though, putting on the best matches of his career, and while underdog Cena is the least interesting Cena, this isn’t a match we’ve seen too many times, so there’s intrigue there.

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