10 Wrestlers Who Debuted As "Fans"

Whose first appearance was on the other side of the guardrail?

It's bittersweet that we're celebrating the idea of fans in wrestling during a time when they're not permitted.

Fans make wrestling what it is; it's that raw rush of emotion when a stadium full of people cheer in unison or have their hearts broken all at once that transforms two sweaty people pretending to punch each other into the glorious post-modern theatre that we know and love.

However, when it comes to the theatre, you don't often see members of the audience leap onstage and hit a dropkick on Hamlet.

Planting wrestlers in the crowd as "fans" is a tried and tested method of debuting a new star. Promoters have been using this trope for decades, with varying degrees of success.

For some wrestlers, debuting as a fan goes on to become an integral part of their character. Others lose that association and forge very successful careers for themselves, their offbeat debut a mere footnote in their story.

And then there's a few for whom running out from the crowd would be as good as it gets.

From the wonderful to the weird to the wacky, the following ten performers all began their (kayfabe) wrestling careers as mere fans of the sport.

It's important to remember, though, not to jump the barrier at a real life wrestling show. Not because of any virus, but just to save yourself from looking like a fool.


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