10 Wrestlers Who Debuted As "Fans"

9. Rosa Mendes

santino marella bobby lashley

Here's something that will blow your mind: Rosa Mendes debuted for WWE in 2008.

That was twelve years ago.

The future dance partner of Fandango first came to the company's attention after participating in the Diva Search. She was signed to a developmental contract and turned up in the crowd on an episode of Raw in November 2008.

She was holding a sign that proclaimed her to be "Beth Phoenix's Number One Fan". Over the next few weeks, Rosa kept appearing with signs until she jumped the guardrail to save The Glamazon from an attack by Melina.

Mendes was then hired by Phoenix and her partner, Santino Marella, to be their "intern", which essentially meant she would be on the outside for all of Beth's matches.

Sadly, this partnership never actually went anywhere, as Mendes' association with Phoenix was quietly dropped and she morphed into a managerial role.

Mendes never won a championship in her time with the WWE, but she managed champions like Carlito, The Colons, and even The Miz at one point.

Rosa made a very good career for herself in WWE and all she had to do was hold up a sign.


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