10 Wrestlers Who Died In Mysterious Circumstances

6. David Von Erich

The tragic history of the Von Erich family needs no retelling.

In February 1984, David Von Erich, the third of six brothers, became the second of five of his brothers to pass away in horribly untimely circumstances.

Found dead in his hotel room by his friend Brusier Brody during a tour of All Japan Pro Wrestling, the cause of Von Erich's death is still disputed to this day.

The Von Erich family have claimed that acute enteritis resulting from ruptured intestines precipitated David's death. This is also the registered cause of death listed on the Consular Report of Death in the US Embassy in Japan.

However, many of Von Erich's friends and co-workers have cast doubts upon the official cause of death.

Bill Irwin believes his friend David was a bulimic, which could have contributed to his untimely demise. Ric Flair, who was feuding with Von Erich at the time, believes David's death was due to a drug overdose, a belief he claims is shared by "everyone in wrestling". Flair has claimed that upon discovering David's body, Brody had flushed the narcotics down the toilet before the police arrived.

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