10 Wrestlers Who Died In Mysterious Circumstances

7. Herb Abrams


OK, so Herb Abrams wasn't a wrestler, but his death was easily one of wrestling's most bizarre.

After acquiring the rights to the UWF name, which Bill Watts had never apparently trademarked, the self-proclaimed 'Mr. Electricity' quickly developed a well-earned reputation for being a reprobate as a promoter.

Renowned for making racial slurs as a broadcaster and booking nonsensical finishes (a double count-out lumberjack match, anyone?), Abrams was equally famous for skipping town without paying his bills - or his wrestlers.

After racking up arrests in five states, Abrams was awaiting trial for charges pertaining to unlawful imprisonment, robbery, drug possession and attempted rape, when police were called to yet another disturbance at his Manhattan office in August of 1996.

Police officers arrived to find Abrams naked, in the company of two prostitutes, running around the building, pulling fire alarms and laying waste to property with a baseball bat. Oh, and he was covered from head to toe in baby oil and cocaine.

Taken to a hospital, where they also found cocaine and Valium in his system, Abrams died 90 minutes later of a heart attack.

The mystery of the baby oil and cocaine body mask endures to this day.

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