10 Wrestlers Who Don't Give A F*** About YOU!

Charlotte Flair doesn't care what WWE fans think, and she's not the only one!

Charlotte Flair Fire

Social media is a microcosm of negativity that gives people a chance to shout into the void. Recent algorithm changes on Twitter mean there's even less likelihood anybody who follows you will actually see posts too, which only makes the platform feel even weirder.

Pro wrestling has always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with socials. On one hand, apps like Twitter and Instagram let fans get closer to the men and women playing characters on TV. On the other hand, apps like Twitter and Instagram let fans get closer to the men and women playing characters on TV.

See the problem?

This close proximity can be suffocating for some workers, which is presumably why they temporarily delete accounts or lash out at criticism for performances on WWE and AEW TV. Granted, lashing out is nothing new - some wrestlers were doing that long before social media became the go to source for fan feedback.

Behold the performers who really don't care what you think. Or, maybe they do, but they just want to hide it after firing back. Who knows? Let the hatefest commence!

10. Al Snow

Charlotte Flair Fire
YouTube/The Hannibal TV

What does everybody want? No, not "head". They want a pro rasslin' curmudgeon who flits between educating on industry psychology and bizarrely calling out young wrestlers for doing spots he himself used to do. That'd describe Al Snow perfectly these days.

Previously, Al has lashed out at a section of the audience by effectively calling them know all sod alls and saying he legit hates them. To be fair, Snow did specify that he's talking about a "minority" here, but he can't stomach those who feel like they know everything there is to know about the biz without actually having any "knowledge" of what they're yakking about.

So take that.

Ol' Leif Cassidy doesn't give a toss if anyone agrees with his opinions either. You've kinda got to admire that, especially when he then hits out with pearls of wisdom. It's just that...well, Snow is all over the shop sometimes. He goes from dropping knowledge to playing old man yelling at clouds in a heartbeat.


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