10 Wrestlers Who FREAKED OUT After A Loss

8. Brock Lesnar Is Furious With Cena's Speedy Recovery - WWE Extreme Rules 2012

John Cena Edge

Not for the last time on this list, someone wasn't exactly over the moon in the wake of being forced to lay down for The Face That Runs the Place.

Despite being told beforehand that his loss at the hands of John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012 would still see him being somewhat protected by the fact Super Cena wouldn't be able to leave the ring without assistance post-bloody war, Brock Lesnar's conqueror on the night had strange other ideas in the aftermath.

Cena took to delivering a bizarre promo that teased a spell away from the squared circle, something that he was reportedly not authorised to do. Sure enough, after absolutely battering his rival and then seeing his exploits be shrugged off not long after Cena's victory, Lesnar was said to have lost his cool backstage and ripped apart a dressing room.

On top of this, The Beast Incarnate was also reportedly brassed off about Cena botching a spot that saw him go flying over the top rope and ultimately blowing out his knee.

All in all, it's clear Cena definitely wasn't in this Brock's good books after such a gruelling evening, with Lesnar very nearly walking out on the company once again there and then.


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