10 Wrestlers Who Had No Business Being In The Ring

9. Ric Flair

The Executioner

It's no wonder that Ric Flair thought himself capable of wrestling a match in 2022; his promo game was still so unfathomably sensational that he worked himself into believing his own legend.

"Oh sh*t, here he comes," Flair said, imagining the crowd response to him on the night in advance of it. So good was Flair still at getting high on his own charisma that he thought the charisms itself was still there.

It was not; Flair, already in a state of complete physical shambles, naturally suffered an injury heading into the show. Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal and Andrade performed the bulk of the work, but Flair wasn't even capable of the smoke and mirrors with which he entered staggeringly passable matches in TNA. He twice passed out from dehydration, and, this is no hyperbole, was feared dead when Andrade had to place the brass knuckles on his hand while urging him to his feet.

Flair wore purple attire for the occasion, which was too on-the-nose for this near-tragedy. He turned the same colour minutes before the horror show was brought to a merciful end.

Flair was too gassed and too disoriented to do the one spot that should have been easy enough for him to perform, and his fake heart attack - which he barely built - happened very early in the match. He didn't even need to tire himself out to botch it.

He was very nearly doomed from the off.

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