10 Wrestlers Who Had To Destroy Themselves To Get Over

Hurt to heal.


The bloated WWE schedule has a way of reinforcing - super-serving! - a negative stigma.

Look at the reaction Sasha Banks received on this week's RAW. She did nothing but stay away from WWE for several months, during which time anticipation built and the old perception faded. She was no longer the overfamiliar performer who shared a needy relationship with Bayley. If anything, if she really wanted to symbolise the change in her attitude, she should have walked to the ring with Bayley sat on top of her head, and then shook her off. They were linked that closely.

The less facetious, WWE version was probably more effective. The cheap heat element was probably unnecessary, but it worked towards portraying Sasha as a ruthless, motivated wrestler who had embraced being a piece of sh*t once again. She radiated confidence and viciousness in her nasty beatdown of Becky Lynch. She was her old self again: her own boss.

There's a macro take in there somewhere, about cyclical rosters and off-seasons and such, but in summary, the formula is thus: WWE star minus WWE equals getting over.

To get over with wrestling's fickle, bloodthirsty fanbase, often, an act needs to disappear.

Or disintegrate, one of the two.

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